Homeopathic Treatment of Ear Infections

Homeopathic Treatment of Ear Infections.

Looking at any baby brings a smile to your face and softens just about anyones heart. Yet ear infections are one of the most common childhood disturbances. Witnessing a baby in pain can cause great panic and distress and in times like these, you want to be able to take control of the situation. Homeopathic remedies can be effectively delivered at home given the right information even if you canʼt see your homeopath in the middle of the night! Ear infections are one the most frequently diagnosed conditions and are responsible for the overuse of antibiotics. Recent research suggests that antibiotics tend to slow the rate of recovery compared to patients not on antibiotics. (Froom, et al, 1990). Otitis Media is the most common infection of the middle ear. During a typical otitis media episode, the infection occurs behind the ear drum. These infections develop when the eustachian tube opens and then closes improperly which allows fluids containing germs from the nose and throat to enter, but not depart from the middle ear. Inflammation may result from a cold or allergy; it may also be due to the tube just being too small or too short to work properly.

Symptoms of an acute middle ear infection vary. The child may seem to be in pain by pulling at the ears. Older children and adults will know there is a disturbance, and will feel excessively congested. For some, there may be discharge that oozes out of the ear which may be crusty and sticky.  If the infection is more severe the symptoms displayed may include persistent crying, unusual irritability and clinginess, or high fever. Sometimes there may be no fever at all.

Excellent Remedies For Ear Infections.

Pulsatilla is the number one remedy especially for left sided ear infections. The baby is very clingy and wants to be consoled, kissed and carried around, but less capricious than a child who needs chammomila. There is little or no thirst even with a fever which is peculiar. Symptoms that confirm the choice of this remedy are thick yellow discharge from the nose and ear canal. There may or not be fever. The baby or child calms down in fresh air. The strongest indication for this remedy is the clinginess and mildness of the baby or child.

Chammomila is often used for teething, but is also an excellent remedy for ear infections. The decision to use this remedy is confirmed by the babyʼs mood. Here the baby screams angrily. The baby or child does not want to be touched or consoled and may lash out. Very common for earaches during teething. There may be clear nasal discharge of watery consistency. The earache does not come on as quickly as Belladonna.

Aconite is commonly used in the winter when the baby was taken out on a blustery night, goes to bed fine, but wake up screaming at midnight with a very high fever of about 105F. The baby is very restless, hot all over the body, thirsty and extremely sensitivity to touch. Aconite is remembered by its Fast onset, Fever and Fright. It is also good for colds and sore throats.

Belladonna is indicated when the pain comes on suddenly with few prior symptoms of a cold. There may be a sudden high fever and often the baby or child will have very red cheeks with cold extremities, bright red out ear, ear canal, or ear drum without pus formation. Great pain at 3am or 3pm

These are the most frequent remedies for an earache.

If the baby is too young to let the pellet dissolve under the tongue, put 1 pellet in a 1/2 cup of water and let the pellet dissolve. Give one teaspoon of the water to the baby each half hour for two hours. For babies and young children I suggest a 30ch if the child is age 4 and older try a 200ch. If the symptoms persist, see your homeopathic physician for a physical examination, detailed consultation and directed prescription.