Alternative Medicine for Herpes

Tips To Get Rid Of Herpes On Your Own.

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Herpes are vascular skin eruptions caused by a virus. There are many types of herpes, but here I will only focus on the most common, Herpes Simplex. Herpes simplex is a human DNA virus that produces repeated throbbing eruptions on the genitals, other surfaces where the mucous membranes are pronounced and on the skin. After the initial contact with the skin, the virus travels along nerve fibers to sensory cell bodies, where it establishes an infection that lies dormant. Under certain conditions such as sexual contact, exposure to UV light, illnesses where fever accompanies or any emotional stress, the eruption may reappear as it travels back to the initial point of contact. Homeopathy is an art and science which is a distinct branch of therapeutics. When homeopathy is practiced at the highest standards, it is the treatment of choice for both acute and chronic conditions.  Whether the person has an acute or chronic condition, all symptoms physical, mental and emotional comprise an entire state of imbalance to the person. The goal of the physician is to recognize the disturbed state and decide on a particular remedy accordingly.

Homeopathy is a tailored medicine to the individual. The underlying cause of a mistuned body is the susceptibility of the patient. Susceptibility is the imbalance of the organism attributed to several potential factors. A predisposition to illness can be categorized into three groups: susceptibility acquired during life and hereditary dispositions. Stress and environment play a large role in your day-to-day susceptibility as well as hygiene. Herpes are considered a chronic condition. Unfortunately, conventional medicine continues to suppress herpes which does not cure, but palliates temporarily. In Homeopathy we work towards eliminating the virus from the body. Although herpes should be dealt with chronically with a homeopathic physician, here are some homeopathic first aid remedies which will be quite helpful. Homeopathic medicine is the ancient term essentially what we are learning as NanoMedicine, it treats sick people with remedies that in crude doses would produce in healthy people symptoms similar to those of the disease needing to be overcome. Remedies used by homeopathic physicians are devoid of toxic agents and come from only natural substances. Homeopathic remedies are given to stimulate a reaction in the organism. Only living organisms can stimulate itself to heal and the remedies provoke this healing response. The medicines will target the fundamental cause of the issue. So when taking a remedy you want your symptom picture to match what the remedy is expressing.

Natrum Muriatricum is a wonderful remedy for herpes especially on the face in the wings of the nose, about the lips and in the anus. Those who require natrum muriatricum crave salt, are sad and weepy. This person does not want any consolation when they are upset. They wake up unrefreshed from sleep and tend to be quite cold. They are worse from the heat of the sun. Those who require Nat.m, feel better in the open air and from cold bathing. Constipation and hammering headaches at the frontal part of the head are very characteristic of Natrum Muriatricum.

Sepia will also have herpes on the lips and in the genital area. Those who require sepia have most of their symptoms relieved after very intense physical exertion. There is indifference to those that they love and to their occupation. Hair will tend to fall out, especially after headaches. They donʼt like to be alone, but are also aggravated in company. Nausea at the sight or smell of food is very characteristic to someone who requires sepia. Constipation is quite common with hard, difficult and knotty stools and the individual does not feel relieved from evacuation.

Rhus Toxicodendron is a great rheumatic remedy that also has pronounced blistering herpes and ulcerated corners of the mouth. As well as, itching vesicular eruptions on the lips. There is also extreme stiffness in the joints. If the patient has a lot of swelling, burning and itchiness, this is a great remedy to consider. As a side note, this is a wonderful remedy for sciatica and for the flu where there is great pain in the bones with profuse sneezing and coughing. These are the main remedies for herpes, but there are many more.

How To Take the Remedy Best to take the remedy at the onset of the eruption orally. Place two pellets under the tongue and let dissolve. Best not to eat or drink anything twenty minutes before or after taking the remedy. It is best to take the remedy in a 200CH potency. At the same time, place one pellet in a 1/2 cup of clean (filtered or distilled) water and let the pellet dissolve. Then you can pour the solution topically on the infected area. By taking the remedy orally targets the problem at a deeper level. If there is no movement with the remedies mentioned above, seek out a homeopathic physician who will be able to work with your entire chronic picture.

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Rachel Levine MSc.,DSHM

A Return to Self: A Case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Genital Herpes

A Case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Four years ago I received a call from a man in his late 30s’. He did not live in North America and was more comfortable speaking on the phone than having a consult on Skype.

He was on 4 doses 80mg of Prozac a day. 

His chief complaints were Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Genital Herpes and Excessive Sweating since childhood. 

Since he was a child he was incredibly shy and always had ritualistic behaviours. He had all his mental rituals written on paper.  When he was young he was petrified of girls and as he got older this manifested to him only being able to sleep with prostitutes. 

Growing up he was constantly reproached by his father and mother who were both critical and domineering. He also experienced physical abuse.

He had a serious fear of catching a disease. He was so scared of catching something from the women he was sleeping with, but would have unprotected sex. 

He had a fear of not being clean enough and would wash numerous times a day. 

He was very diligent about the quantity and which foods he would eat. 

He would consistently blame himself if things didn’t go well at work and historically if he would get upset with someone, he would throw things against the wall.

During the case all was considered. His body temperature as he was generally better in cool weather and was aggravated from heat and humidity.

His thirst, appetite and all presenting expressions in acute detail from head were considered in his overall picture.

He often had cold sores on the corners of the lips and had chest palpitations.

He started to cry because of the herpes outbreak. We discussed the presentation in fine detail. Whether they were erupting, itchy, time modalities when they bothered him the most etc.

He would binge eat on salty and sweet foods only on the weekends. 

In homeopathic medicine the issues with the back are very important to have acute detail about because often the back symptoms can help differentiate the most important remedy.

He sweat profusely in his sleep. When he was younger he had an operation to stop the perspiration on the hands, but interestingly enough the perspiration did briefly come back up after taking the remedy, because if something has been suppressed in the body, it will come back up briefly to be pushed out and cured. 

After the first consultation I had about 15 pages of notes because I looked at the presentation in the most fine detail on all mental/emotional and physical levels. 

He was prescribed Sulphur 30CH once a week for 3 weeks. . Two pellets dissolved once under the tongue and we re-convened 3 weeks later. 

After the first dose his herpes subsided and after the second week they went away.

He had an increase of perspiration, was able to fall asleep more quickly and had more energy. 

Over the course of a year and a half, we increased the potency of his remedy and he was able to get off the 4 doses of prozac.

It is important to greatly support the individual while they reduce their medication because it is like any drug, where there there is an increase of symptoms during a detox. 

Obsessive compulsive disorder is so fragile because in most cases the mind creates dis-ease (of course it could be an environmental condition, and with lots of conditions there are many variables to consider), but a lot of time an emotional/mental situation which manifests into the physical presentation.

Of course diet and minerals/vitamins play an important role in the physiological composition, but not the entire.

What homeopathy allowed this patient was not just a reduction in the physical illness, but it allowed him to open up the pathways so that his obsessive thoughts would subside. He stopped binging on foods and incorporated really healthy foods into his diet. He stopped smoking marijuana daily and he was able to have a relationship with a woman. 

He chose a courageous route where he wanted to redesign his personal road map and over the course of this time it allowed him to write a completely new map for himself.

Along with homeopathy we worked on how to find for forgiveness for himself and those around him, not just in a conceptual way by keeping it in the mind, but how to go much more deeply into the self.   The most gorgeous outcome of this case was his persistent commitment to go beyond what his mind was limiting him to, to living more freely in the world and in himself. 

In best of health,

Rachel Levine MSc, DSHomMed

Rachel Levine has a Master of Science in Integrative Health and is an honours graduate from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. She also works with earth based energetic practices taught by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Her work has been published in Integrative and Homeopathic Medicine journals and she has spoken Nationally and Internationally.  Rachel is based in Montreal, but her practice spans nationally and internationally; she has patients throughout North America, Europe and South Asia.

Currently she is a  supervisor at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine and will be teaching at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. 

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A Return To Self: An Embodiment of Integrative Medicine (new blog)

A Return to Self: An Embodiment of Integrative Medicine. 

Inspired by my patients, the works of Dr. Hahnemann, Dr. Villoldo and Marianne Williamson

We are in a gorgeous time where people are seeking help beyond allopathic (conventional) means. Integrative health clinics are springing up everywhere and the word “alternative medicine” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. What is it we are truly seeking and what can these modalities honestly provide?

I will be sharing with you the success I have had with the modalities I have embodied and taken on as an Integrative health practitioner. 

Alternative medicine indicates that it is the alternate to what is considered the most common and desired forms of medicine. But the reality is, what is considered alternative is actually just another form of medicine and most of these modalities have been practiced a lot longer than what we identify with as conventional medicine today.

Unfortunately, we have been misled on many levels.  Whether we have cancer, a neurological condition, mental illness, deep seeded grief, autoimmune condition - whatever the case may be, we all want to get cured & healed. It is not when allopathic medicine has run out of options that we resort to ourself, but in the immediate to ensure shift and change.  Often pathology can be reversed because it is natural to the body. Conditions don’t just arise out of the blue, there is always that instance where there has been a shift in the organism. Therefore, what has naturally occurred in the body, can most often be reversed naturally.

Through whatever trauma or illness we are experiencing, we are wanting to reconnect with ourselves. Conventional medicine of course has its place, it works beautifully in emergency medicine, but with chronic and even acute conditions there are modalities which reconnect us back to ourselves and truly allow us to cure and heal ourselves quickly and naturally. 

No one can cure or heal ourselves, but ourself. An excellent practitioner has acquired the skills to be a mediator between the patient and the appropriate remedy or skill set. It is also going beyond what is now considered “Green Medicine”, where we pump ourselves up on supplements to achieve cure. Supplements have their place, but they can also suppress the natural dis-ease.  We want to be moving away from this idea of suppression. Suppression continues to push things back into the body; we want to be releasing and removing what is not helpful and healthy from the body. 

There are sometimes steps to acquiring a complete state and it is an ongoing process. To live in complete homeostasis (balance) is very difficult because we are dynamic beings and daily life is like little waves, but it’s how we deal with the obstacles we are faced with. 

I will be sharing cases and offering tools to help one foster change.  In the immediate it is about paying attention to the subtle signs we are being presented with. We may stumble upon a book or this blog and it intrigues one to take a step further. Pay attention to those subtle occurrences because they are all around you, offering you information and insight. 

How often though have you read an incredible book with so much helpful information  about your diagnosed condition or about general health and well being, but you find it difficult to embody the principles and ideas into the self?  Illness and trauma gets lodged in the organism and this is when pathology starts to present itself. It is sometimes very hard to embody those desired teachings when there are true blocks and pathology that needs to be dealt with. 

Understanding pathology is not about a definition of a diagnosed condition, but understanding that everything is considered pathology; pathology is dwelling on the past, irregular menstrural cycles, sexual health, skin eruptions, everything that the organism is presenting is considered pathology and it is going beyond what is considered common presentations to pathological diagnoses.  

We all have our stories and those stories are important to tell at least once. It is our stories that indicate where cure and healing need to take place. Once what needs to be addressed has been indicated, we then work towards going beyond our stories so our mental/ emotional and physical stories & ailments stop defining us.

In best of health,

Rachel Levine MSc, DSHomMed

Rachel Levine has a Master of Science in Integrative Health and is an honours graduate from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. She also works with earth based energetic practices taught by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Her work has been published in Integrative and Homeopathic Medicine journals and she has spoken Nationally and Internationally.  Rachel is based in Montreal, but her practice spans nationally and internationally; she has patients throughout North America, Europe and South Asia.

Currently she is a  supervisor at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine and will be teaching at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. 

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