Homeopathy and Depression

What Is Homeopathic Medicine?

What is Homeopathic Medicine?

Homeopathy is a medicine that is based on the law of similars. Samuel Hahnemann a German physician who lived between 1755 through 1843, founded this therapeutic method after studying the history of medicine. He brought together two Greek roots, homoios meaning “similar” and pathos meaning “disease.” Homeopathy treats sick people with remedies that in crude doses would produce in healthy people symptoms similar to those of the disease needing to be overcome.

Remedies used by homeopathic physicians are devoid toxic agents and come from only natural substances.  Homeopathic remedies are given to stimulate a reaction in the organism. Only a living organism can stimulate itself to heal, and homeopathic remedies provoke this healing response. Homeopathy targets the fundamental cause of disease.

The underlying cause of the symptoms or disease is the susceptibility of the patient.   A predisposition to illness can be categorized into three groups: susceptibility acquired during life and hereditary dispositions. Second: stress and environment, and third: hygiene and lifestyle (mental hygiene included).

The individual is who suffering from an acute condition ( due to infection, intoxication, shock or an accident etc) or a chronic disease (psychological, physical or emotional), displays an imbalance that is unique to the individual. The homeopathic physician greatly examines in fine detail all the symptoms and states to the individual and dispenses a remedy according to their particular state.

How Does a Homeopathic Consultation Take Place?

The patient will be asked to describe all of her or his problems in great detail as well as everything that is distinctive to him such as his feelings, psyche and sensitivity. As well, as all general responses such as energy, sleep, thirst, hunger etc. An initial consultation approximately takes two to three hours. The greater the physician understands their patient, the more accurate their prescription will be.

Which Disease can be Treated with Homeopathy?

Homeopaths treat those who are sick. Whether the person has an acute or chronic condition, all symptoms physical, mental and emotional comprise an entire state of imbalance to the person. The goal of the physician is to recognize the disturbed state and decide on a particular remedy accordingly. Homeopathy is a tailored medicine to the individual.

Can a Pregnant Woman or Baby Benefit from Homeopathy?

Since homeopathic remedies are devoid of chemical toxicity, homeopathy is the most ideal medicine to people of all ages and newborn babies. Homeopathy is very successful during pregnancy and after delivery; as well, all the issues that the newborn may have can be treated successfully with homeopathic medicine with no side effects.

How Does Homeopathy Fair with Mental and Emotional Problems?

Homeopathy works exquisitely well as the remedies balance out the individual with the correct application of the remedy. As a rule, patients under psychotherapy recover more quickly with the use of homeopathy.

How Does Homeopathy Treat Infectious Disease?

Homeopathic treatment is to optimize the natural defenses against microbes. People with accurate prescription heal rapidly, gently and surely even from the most serious ones. Results obtained during times of epidemic have been constant with low mortality rates. 

Conventional Medicine Towards Homeopathy.

Since the inception of homeopathy, conventional medicine has been trying to halt the progress of its advancement. Homeopathic physicians have been accused of dispensing “placebos” in spite of the countless double blind studies that have been conducted displaying the efficacy of homeopathy.

Homeopathy has bee practiced for more than two hundred years, but is still early in its growth. It is one of the most difficult medicines to practice as it is based on pure observation. With the disillusionment of conventional medicine, homeopathy is the second most practiced medicine globally, where conventional medicine is fourth.  Homeopathy is one of the most respectful medicines as it takes into account the whole person and the most efficient medicine in restoring health back to the sick.


Homeopathy is an art and science which is a distinct branch of therapeutics.  When homeopathy is practiced at the highest standards, it is the treatment of choice for both acute and chronic conditions.