When people consider using alternative medicine treatments, they often fear or loose interest because they do not want to make a lot of impinging adjustments to their day-to-day life. Here we work towards taking steps at one's own pace - one change at a time. Rachel works with people with many various conditions and when you work with Rachel Levine, you will receive the help you need at a pace which works for you. The first step is always the hardest, so we suggest you send a note to make a 10 minute phone consultation to see if this treatment resonates for you. 

Integrative medicine is a true integration of the mind, body and spirit. The body is like a canvas and when the internal systems and functions are dis-eased, what is discernible through the expression of the body and mind, we find the best tailored treatment approach. Unlike allopathic medicine, where most people get the same treatment protocol, those with the same diagnosis will most likely get a different treatment course of action. This is because medicine is tailored to the individual - to look beyond a general pathological description, to understand the individual and the intricacies the body and mind are presenting. Integrative practices work towards a cure, not a suppression, to re-establish health. 

With using a combination of naturopathic modalities and earth based medicine practices, Rachel distinguishes between healing & curing and therefore is able to focus on both moving towards cure by focussing on the mental/emotional & physical health ailments, while working towards healing those deep places of hurt which can be due to long term issues and by looking at Epigenetic’s. Epigenetic’s addresses the unhealed parts which we bring into this life from trauma passed through our genetics. Epigenetic’s teaches us that we can help severe our pre-determined family history’s fate and genetics through energetic practices. Through various approaches, we are able to work towards optimal brain health, mental/emotional healing and repair of physical conditions.

  • This work allows us to identify our limits and move beyond them. 
  • Clear the Root of what is holding us back in our lives.
  • Work in combination with Integrative practices and Re-enliven our cells
  • This work addresses all mental, physical and unexplainable complaints. 
  • Often our Emotions and Physical body indicate that we want a shift. 
  • Achieve a deeper connection to Self  and in turn will help find Peace & Ease within.