Rachel Levine MSc, DSHomMed is an Integrative Health Practitioner, Lifestyle Coach, Educator, Researcher and Creator.  I believe that health is wealth. Your Physical Health is deeply intwined with your Emotional & Spiritual Health. I know everyone says this and perhaps at this point it sounds like a bit of a cliche. The integrative approach which I use, truly encompasses all facets of the individual, we will work together to help reverse your physical and mental/emotional disparities.

From serious to not so serious conditions. From eczema to herpes to depression, and to feelings that you maybe can’t put into words,  I will help you to the best of my abilities, give you the tools to start stimulating that awesome body of yours to begin to heal itself. 

With the wonderful people I have had the privilege to work with over the last many years in practice, it is truly wonderful to watch people’s physical health start to improve, to witness their mental & emotional aspects to their life start to drastically shift in ways they never thought possible. I have seen people leave their abusive marriages or re-kindle their partnerships, change jobs which offer them more joy and as their physical & mental health get better, so does their financial health. Yet, most importantly, their sense of peace is integrated, which is what I feel, most of us are striving for in life. 


Before I started this work in my mid-20s, I was covered in eczema; my abdomen, neck and forearms were the worst. It started to appear in my late teens and yet, for the most part I was healthy; I was athletic, I didn’t eat much junk and I grew up in a financially stable home life, until it wasn’t. As women and people, we all have our stories and our trauma. At this time, when my skin flared, my father was betrayed in his family business, and was left with nothing. My parents lost everything; not just financially, but my father lost his mind. Witnessing the demise of my immediate family, and having witnessed him have a full mental breakdown, I spun into a fight or flight state and naturally had a bit of a break down myself. As a young woman having everything slip from under my feet, within months, I knew I would never have anyone to depend on. My health greatly suffered. A large piece of my father died and in turn a piece of myself at that time died as well. I persevered, I put myself through my degrees and it was when I was introduced to homeopathic medicine, my life started to change. Within a short period of time, my skin started to improve as did my broken heart. After years of using integrative health modalities, I knew this was my path. My health and wealth has shifted by stimulating my body to heal itself. 



“The soul, in its longing to grow, will push us toward crisis points, bringing about a situation that will force us to leave behind the old toys and the worn-out ways of operating. Our soul brings us these crises to remind us that we don’t have to remain stuck in the land of the hunters and the hunted. We are called to draw ourselves up to our full height and confidence, even when terrified at the prospect of the unknown.”
— Alberto Villoldo

Important Considerations

  • Rachel Levine has spoken at numerous conferences in Canada, Israel and Europe and has published in wonderful reputable integrative health journals - refer to publications
  • Rachel Levine is one of the first in complementary medicine to research and successfully work with individuals with Intersex variations including Klinefelter Syndrome (KS) and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). 
  • Rachel Levine is fortunate to have a diverse practice and successfully helps those with severe diagnoses, mental health disturbances to common conditions. 
  • It is imperative  that the work done together is a mutual exchange and the needs of the patient are met. 
  • Always working for the best ideal option for each patient. 
  • Successful clinical and research achievements. 
  • Foremost, bringing health and healing to new levels and possibilities.